1900 Voiturette in the Streetlife museum. Hull    
  1906 JAP side-valve with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
  1909 ASL with S-A 3-speed.    
  1911 Bradbury 554cc with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
  1912 Motorcycle hub gear.    
  1913 Cycle and motorcycle gear hub catalogue.    
  1914 Countershaft gear advertisement.    
    Triumph 4hp motorbike with Sturmey-archer gear.    
  1915 Motorcycle hub manual.    
    WW1 army bike, S-A equipped Triumph 550cc.    
    550 cc Triumph model H motorcyle.    
    Tool for motorbike 3-speed hub gear    
    Humber motorcycle advertisement.    
    Triumph motorcycle catalogue    
  1919 Tamplin cycle-car with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Triumph Motorcycle advertising    
  1920 Factory drawing of motor cycle gear    
  1921 Countershaft Gear catalogue    
    Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Campion motorbike and gearbox.    
  1923 Saroléa Belgium 3-speed motorbike (in Czech language)    
    Beardsmore Precision motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    The Sketch Gamages motorbike advertisement    
  1924 Raleigh side-valve motorbike.    
    Brough sidevalve flat twin.    
    NUT 5 hp 3-speed motorcycle.    
    Motorcycle advertisements    
  1925 Sturmey-Archer gears in motor bikes.    
    NER-A-CAR with S-A gearbox and clutch    
    Family motorbike advertisement    
  1926 Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Dunelt motorcycle    
    Motorbike advertisements in New Zealand    
  1927 Countershaft gear catalogue    
    Rovin France products    
  1928 2-speed gear for motorbikes    
    Raleigh 500cc motorbike.    
    Victoria motorcycle with S-A engine    
    DSH Austria with 3-speed Sturmey-Archer.    
    Husqvana 175 cc with Sturmey-Archer gearbox.    
  1929 Motorcycle gearbox factory in Nurmberg, Germany    
    Motor bike engine catalogue in 3 languages    
    Countershaft gear partslist.    
    Matchless type X/R and gearbox    
    Aliprandi,Italy 350cc motorbike with S-A gear box.    
    Allegro Poland 350cc motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Dunelt motorbikes with Sturmey-Archer engines and gears    
  1930 Block engine from Germany    
  1931 Premier 500 Czech motorcycle with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
    Motorbike gear patent specification.    
    Norton motorcycle gearbox advertisement.    
    Gearbox manual    
    Motorcycle gearbox advertisement    
  1932 Engine from Raleigh Motorcycle    
    Wolf motorcycles.    
    Engines article in German language.    
    Carlton with 500cc S-A engine.    
  1935 Ransomes mower with Sturmey-Archer engine    
  1936 Ransomes mower with S-A engine    
    Ransome crawler tractor with S-A engine.    
    Sturmey-Archer engines and gearboxes.    
    Two Fongers advertisements in Dutch newspapers    
  1947 Whizzer motor system in US bikes    
  1950 Rollo Elf 3-speed lathe.    
    Site of the new Sturmey-Archer factory    
  1958 Two-stroke engine for Raleigh moped.    
    Raleigh moped introduced    
    Scoo-ped is Streets Ahead    
  1959 Moped engine exploded drawing.    
  1961 Raleigh Currys catalogue page    
  1977 Engineering Components Division sales leaflet    
  1981 Toe clip leaflet    
  1986 Dealer sports calendar with exploded hub views ,on the reverse    
  1998 Microlite equipped with Steelite drum brake hubs.    
    Pedal car with Elite stub axle hubs.    

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