1900 Voiturette in the Streetlife museum. Hull    
  1906 JAP side-valve with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
  1909 ASL with S-A 3-speed.    
  1911 Bradbury 554cc with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
  1912 Motorcycle hub gear.    
  1913 Cycle and motorcycle gear hub catalogue.    
  1914 Countershaft gear advertisement.    
    Triumph 4hp motorbike with Sturmey-archer gear.    
  1915 Motorcycle hub manual.    
    WW1 army bike, S-A equipped Triumph 550cc.    
    550 cc Triumph model H motorcyle.    
    Tool for motorbike 3-speed hub gear    
    Humber motorcycle advertisement.    
    Triumph motorcycle catalogue    
  1919 Tamplin cycle-car with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Triumph Motorcycle advertising    
  1920 Factory drawing of motor cycle gear    
  1921 Countershaft Gear catalogue    
    Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Campion motorbike and gearbox.    
  1923 Saroléa Belgium 3-speed motorbike (in Czech language)    
    Beardsmore Precision motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    The Sketch Gamages motorbike advertisement    
  1924 Raleigh side-valve motorbike.    
    Brough sidevalve flat twin.    
    NUT 5 hp 3-speed motorcycle.    
    Motorcycle advertisements    
  1925 Sturmey-Archer gears in motor bikes.    
    NER-A-CAR with S-A gearbox and clutch    
    Family motorbike advertisement    
  1926 Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Dunelt motorcycle    
    Motorbike advertisements in New Zealand    
  1927 Countershaft gear catalogue    
    Rovin France products    
  1928 2-speed gear for motorbikes    
    Raleigh 500cc motorbike.    
    Victoria motorcycle with S-A engine    
    DSH Austria with 3-speed Sturmey-Archer.    
    Husqvana 175 cc with Sturmey-Archer gearbox.    
  1929 Motorcycle gearbox factory in Nurmberg, Germany    
    Motor bike engine catalogue in 3 languages    
    Countershaft gear partslist.    
    Matchless type X/R and gearbox    
    Aliprandi,Italy 350cc motorbike with S-A gear box.    
    Allegro Poland 350cc motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Dunelt motorbikes with Sturmey-Archer engines and gears    
  1930 Block engine from Germany    
  1931 Premier 500 Czech motorcycle with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
    Motorbike gear patent specification.    
    Norton motorcycle gearbox advertisement.    
    Gearbox manual    
    Motorcycle gearbox advertisement    
  1932 Engine from Raleigh Motorcycle    
    Wolf motorcycles.    
    Engines article in German language.    
    Carlton with 500cc S-A engine.    
  1935 Ransomes mower with Sturmey-Archer engine    
  1936 Ransomes mower with S-A engine    
    Ransome crawler tractor with S-A engine.    
    Sturmey-Archer engines and gearboxes.    
    Two Fongers advertisements in Dutch newspapers    

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