1945 Who cares about hills ,advertisement    
    Local newspaper copy parts warning    
    After the war Humber advertisement    
    Lightest, Neatest, Cleanest local newspaper advertisement    
    Daily Mirror ‘Notice to Cyclists‘    
  1946 ASC 3-speed fixed hub advertisement.    
    Hub dynamo advertisement    
    Manual for 8 & 12 volt dynohubs    
    “Thus we served” book showed wartime production    
    A complete range, advertisement    
  1947 3 and 4-speed hub poster    
    FW 4-speed hub, advertisement.    
    Flick trigger advertisement.    
    Type FC Hub , retail carton    
    Norman bike catalogue pages    
    Raleigh local newspaper advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Trigger advertisement    
    Raleigh Bike catalogue    
  1948 Advertising poster    
    Enamelled metal advertisement( German )    
    Easy cycling advertisement.    
    Raleigh post-war advertisement.    
    Packaging for type AG 3-speeed dynohub    
    Coventry Eagle catalogue pages    
    Dayton catalogue pages    
  1949 4-speed hub advertisement    
    Trigger advertisement    
    4-speed advertisement.    
    Corporate advertisements.    
    Dynohub shop poster    
    Extra legs 4-speed advertisement    
    Hub catalogue – Norway    
    Pages from Raleigh maintenance handbook    
    Local newspaper advertising    
  1950 Advertisement in Belgian trade magazine    
    Dynohub Poster    
    Dynohub advertisement.    
    Winter fitness ASC advertisement.    
    ASC hub "first again" advertisement.    
    Post-war hub availability advertisements.    
    Genuine Spares availability advertisements.    
    Club, Utilty, Racing Gears, poster.    
    Trade advertisement.    
    Playing card.    
    Raleigh USA advertisement.    
    Dry Battery Unit frame sticker    
    No-name FG four speed dynohub.    
    Dynohub advertisement    
    Over the hills advertisement    
    Royal Enfield catalogue pages    
    Raleigh Sturmey-Archer oil    
    Type AC ultra close ratio hub advertisement    
    Type FC 4-speed hub advertisement    
    Consumer advertisements    
    Raleigh model Suberbe advertisement    
    Brown Brothers catalogue page    
    Bike shop advertisements    
  1951 Since the early days advertisement    
    Dynohub poster.    
    Indian Scout advertisement.    
    Spare parts availability advertisements    
    Bike shop shelf decoration    
    “gives you wings’ French advertisement    
    Rudge Festival of Britain advertisement    
    Central Design thread specification instruction    
  1952 50 years poster    
    Dynohub advertisement.    
    This was the prophecy advertisement    
    Schwinn New World 3-speed bike    
    Singapore advertisement    
    Brown Brothers parts catalogue    
  1953 The Original and Best poster    
    Easy riding advertisement    
    Hercules Gears advertisement.    
    3 & 4-speed hub advertisements.    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (1).    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (2).    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (3).    
    TCW hub leaflet from Norway.    
    Coronation Celebration advertisement.    
    GH6 dynohub advertisement    
    3&4-speed gear tables    
    Triumph catalogue pages    
    Spoke fitting Dynohub sales card    
    ‘Prophecy’ advertisement in trade handbook    
    Bike shop advertisement in Arbroath Herald    
  1954 Wall poster    
    Product range advertisement    
    Advertisements - Danish    
    Trade advertisement - Belgium    
    Lighting advertisement    
    Hub retail pricelist.    
    Product range leaflet    
    New SW hub, leaflet.    
    Light & Easy Riding poster    
    Dynohubs in Dutch    
    Trade service manual all products    
    Sunderland Echo ' A joy to all' advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue Dynohub page    
    Raleigh bike catalogue    
    Chairman’s annual statement    
    AW hub clones , field study report    
  1955 Raleigh Industries advertisement.    
    Rudge USA advertisement.    
    Trade Advertisements.    
    Type TCW exploded hub display    
    Trade advertisements    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Type FC massed start advertisement    
    Sturmey-Archer logo in Thai    
    Fongers was the Sturmey-Archer Dutch importer until 1956    
    Sturmey-Archer News January    
    Sturmey-Archer News May    
    Sturmey-Archer News June – plastic lubricator    
    Sturmey-Archer News July    
    Sturmey-Archer News August – QR connectors    
    Sturmey-Archer News, September with mailing    
    Sturmey-Archer News, November    
  1956 Torpedo USA advertisement.    
    Trade advertisement.    
    SW hub advertisement.    
    The Fabulous Quartet.    
    Girdles the world brochure    
    Dynohub leaflet    
    Armstrong catalogue cover    
    Boys Own advertisements    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
    Raligram reports founding of Sturmey-Archer Netherlands    
    Raleigh Industries annual report from The Daily Herald    
    Malvern Star Australian advertisement    
  1957 Trigger gear control advertisements    
    Serving Cyclists Everywhere advertisement.    
    Schwinn USA advertisement.    
    "Profits Up" trade advertisement - USA    
    Hub pricelist poster.    
    Phillips catalogue pages    
    The type SB hub was never produced    
    Halfords catalogue    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Schwinn USA Christmas bike advertisement    
    Year-end report and new factory    
    Monty opens the new factory    
    Amsterdam office shown in Raleigh Jubilee brochure    
  1958 Advertisements - German language    
    Advertisements - Dutch language    
    Monark, Sweden advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    ‘China Girl ‘ metal advertisements were always damaged by Asian weather    
    Type SW advertisement –German    
    Schwinn Jaguar advertisement    
  1959 Neon advertising sign    
    Advertisement - Germany    
    Advertisements - Finland    
    Advertisements - USA    
    Advertisement - Australia    
    Spanish language advertisement    
    Boy and Girl advertisements    
    Six touring England advertisements.    
    Raleigh moped advertisement.    
    Triumph “Go Man Go “sales leaflet.    
    Advertisement – Singapore.    
    Consumer advertisements – Finland.    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Year-end report in Birmingham Post    
  1960 Chinese advertisements - Singapore    
    German language advertisement    
    USA trade advertisement    
    "Boys Own" magazine advertisement.    
    Meccano magazine advertisements.    
    Two birds advertisements.    
    Bright light advertisement.    
    GH6 dynohub advertisement.    
    Schwinn USA 8-speed advertisement.    
    The gay bike for teenagers.    
    TI takes over Raleigh Industries    
    Supporting the coal industry advertisement    
  1961 Machinery Man advertisement.    
    Two Cyclo Benelux advertisements.    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Boys Own advertisement    
    Wake up smith – advertisement    
    Raligram house magazine with dynohub advertisement    
    The UK bike industry report    
  1962 German language trade advertisement.    
    UK Trade advertisement.    
    Raleigh USA catalogue pages    
    Do the twist -advertisement    
    Trigger Happy advertisement    
    Currys bike catalogue    
    Eagle Boys magazine advertisement    
  1963 Two twistgrip advertisements.    
    Type SC single coaster hub sales leaflet.    
    Raleigh/Sturmey-Archer spare parts    
  1964 Coventry Telegraph CWS bikes advertisement    
  1965 Dutch language poster    
    Automatic twistgrip advertisement    
  1966 S5 hub technical brochure    
    ‘Woody” 5-speed twinshift    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
  1967 S3B hub technical leaflet    
    Sponsoring Ajax v. Real Madrid    
  1969 Belgium strip cartoon - french language    
    USA trade advertisement    
    French folding bike    
    Chopper bike page in USA catalogue    
    Super-Cyclist Belgian strip cartoon    
    GTR Sidewinder made by CCM    
  1970 Eaton fastback hi-rise bike.    
    Price card.    
    Golden ashtray    
    Canada Chopper advertisement.    
  1971 Bracelet poster - French language    
    Brmm, Brmm, Brmm Advertisement.    
    S3C brochure    
  1972 'Girl ' wallposter.    
    Micrometer poster    
    Four language leaflet for Switzerland.    
    S5, ABC, BFC, BRC ,S2,SC,hubs    
    Tube investments group advertising    
    New York show market report    
    Birmingham post market report    
    UK Hi-Rise bike    
  1973 Space Age advertisement.    
  1974 "Whatever the weather" Trade advertisement - German    
    German language Sportshift advertisement.    
  1975 German poster AW,TCW,SC1 hubs    
    Standard hub range    
  1976 Mobile display for bike shop. > FILM <    
  1977 Arabic advertisement    
    AW hub technical leaflet    
    S3C hub technical brochure    
    75 years press release    
  1978 Drum brake advertisement - Dutch language    
    Consumer advertisement -Belgium    
    SC1 sales leaflet    
    SBR hub technical brochure    
    SAB hub technical brochure    
    SBF hub technical brochure    
    Alloy handlebar stems    
    French advertisement    
    Aftermarket pack steel caliper brake    
  1980 Dutch ‘flick of the finger’ advertisement.    
    SAB, S5, SC1 wall posters    
    Trade advertisement    
    Trade advertisement    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
  1981 Roy Hattersley on bike shops    
  1982 S52 5-speed hub sales leaflet    
    Design department lights    
    Vroom & Dreesman newspaper advertisement    
  1983 Carefree cycling advertisement - Dutch language    
    AB/BF/BR 90mm drum brake hub parts lists    
    Lighting and dynohub leaflet    
    Pedal leaflet    
    Point-of- sale handlebar hanger in Dutch    
    Have you seen the Light,advertisement    
  1984 Production dates by product, from 1902    
    Drum brake ice skating brochure    
    Sturmey-Archer Brooks Trade advertisement    
  1985 Manipulated images for calendar    
  1987 5-speed Dutch language leaflet.    
    Steelite ‘will stop you in your tracks’ leaflet.    
    House magazine announces company sale.    
  1990 UK trade advertisement.    
    Spokes and nipples    
  1991 5-star/Brooks shop display mobile. > FILM <    
    Film showing production processes in the Sturmey-Archer factory. > FILM <    
    Hub range leaflet    
  1992 Reynolds/Brooks/Sturmey-Archer joint trade advertisement -Dutch.    
    5-Star hub sales leaflet - Dutch    
    Cold formed components leaflet    
    Sintered components leaflet    
    Engineering Components Division brochure    
  1995 AW hub wall poster    
    Safe, controlled braking advertisement – Dutch    
    Wet weather braking advertisement – Dutch    
    Modern and Classic don’t mix advertisement – Dutch    
  1999 Summit hub advertisement for recumbent bikes.    
  2000 Advertisement    
  2006 The Story Continues….    
  2009 Type S3X 3-speed fixed hub with bar-end shifter    
    Type HBT anodised alloy hubs with sealed bearings    
    FCT 20 Polished anodised crankset with forged cranks    
    Return to the original logo    
  2010 Single speed freewheels    
    FCT60 series 42-48T cranksets in silver, black, blue, red and gold    
    SLS shifter range for 3 & 5-speed    
    CS range of 3-speed hubs compatible with 8/9-speed cassettes    
    Type XL 90mm alloy drum brake hubs    

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