1901 The original patent No. 15,638    
    The original patent No. 16,221    
    The original patent No. 519    
  1902 The first Sturmey-Archer hub is produced    
    Cycle Engineers Institute extract of reading by Henry Sturmey.    
  1904 The first catalogue    
  1905 Type X 3-speed hub.    
    Type C tri-coaster brake hub.    
  1906 The Pink Catalogue.    
    Dutch language instruction manual    
  1907 Type X 3-speed hub - branded " 3-speed Gear Syndicate"    
    Type V 3-speed hub    
    Type N tri-coaster brake hub    
    French language spare parts pricelist for type X hub    
    Brown Brothers catalogue    
    Hub catalogue.    
    Raleigh catalogue page.    
  1908 Sturmey-Archer catalogue - 34 pages    
    Cycling magazine article on type V hub.    
    Retail hub price and controls    
    Quadrant gear control lever    
    Edlin-Sinclair catalogue pages    
    French language manual    
  1910 Hub catalogue    
    Type X gear control.    
    Two factory drawings of type N hub.    
    H. Chaput Paris wholesale catalogue    
  1912 Catalogue including type X and type N hubs.    
  1913 French catalogue page    
    Parts catalogue from Spain    
  1914 Type A 3-speed hub    
    Type FN tri-coaster brake hub    
    Type FX 3-speed hub    
    Hub catalogue    
    Type S hub made in USA.    
    Countershaft gear catalogue.    
    Type A hub photographs    
  1918 Type K 3-speed hub.    
    Type KB 3-speed drum brake hub    
    Type AB (?) 3-speed drum brake hub    
  1922 Type CC single speed coaster brake hub    
    Type KC tri-coaster brake hub.    
    Bicycle hub catalogue.    
    Type KC hub    
  1924 A & N pattern hub service information.    
    Type A & N pattern hubs.    
    Patent for Sturmey’s 5-speed (never produced)    
    Henry Sturmey’s 5-speed hub patent    
  1925 Type K hub manual    
    CS gearbox ( 2011 3D drawing)    
    Book page from France    
  1927 Royal Enfield catalogue.    
    K,KC,CC hub manual    
  1928 German language countershaft gearbox manual    
    Pages from Bransom, Kent wholesale catalogue    
  1929 German language countershaft gear catalogue    
    Type LW motorbike gearbox    
  1930 Engine and gearbox leaflet.    
  1931 Panther Red Wing catalogue.    
    348cc engine drawing    
  1932 Type KS 3-speed close ratio hub    
    Type LBF front drum brake hub ( Later type BF/C )    
    Type LBR rear drum brake hub ( Later type BR/C )    
    Motorcycle gearbox parts/pricelist.    
    Type K, KB and KC hub catalogue.    
    4-speed countershaft gearbox catalogue.    
    4-speed countershaft gearbox manual (45 pages)    
    Elswick Catalogue pages    
    JAP gearbox under licence from Sturmey-Archer    
  1933 Type KSW 3-speed medium ratio hub    
    KS/KSW hubs section drawing    
    Type T/TF 2-speed fixed/freewheel hub    
    Type TB/F 2-speed with tandem 90mm drum brake    
    Hub catalogue    
  1934 Type KT 3-speed hub with 110mm drum brake    
    Type BFT front hub with 110mm Perry drum brake    
    Type BRT rear hub with 110mm drum brake    
    Aids to Cycling brochure.    
  1935 Type K,KS,KSW sales leaflet    
  1936 Type AW 3-speed wide ratio hub    
    Type AR 3-speed very close ratio hub    
    Type TC 2-speed fixed/freewheel    
    Type GH12 12 volt 0.23 amp,2.7 watt front Dynohub    
    Hub range leaflet.    
    Hub range including 2-speed.    
    KS, KSW hubs    
  1937 Type AM 3-speed medium ratio hub    
    Type AR hub sales leaflet.    
    Danish lubricating leaflet    
    12v 3w dynohub maintenance instructions.    
    Service bulletin number 2.    
    Servicing drum brake hubs.    
  1938 Type AT 3-speed(AW) hub with rivetted-on 110mm drum brake    
    Type AB 3-speed hub with 90mm drumbrake    
    Type GH8 8 volt,0.15 amp,1.2 watt front Dynohub.    
    Type AF 4-speed close ratio hub    
    Sales catalogue    
    French language moyeux manual.    
    Hub range brochure – Norway.    
    Type AW, AM,AB service data in trade magazine    
    Costed repairs for bike shops    
  1939 Type FM 4-speed medium ratio hub    
    AR & AM gear adjustment.    
    Speed with ease, type AR leaflet.    
    Trigger Position Advice.    
    Kirk & Merifield catalogue pages    
    Indicator couplings from 1905    
    French Language service manual    
  1941 Vibo hub (with special thanks to Mr. Alfred Minder from Zürich, Switzerland).    
    Servicing the Dynohub    
    Servicing type A hubs    
  1943 Making no more, till the end of the war    

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