1900 Voiturette in the Streetlife museum. Hull    
  1901 The original patent No. 15,638    
    The original patent No. 16,221    
    The original patent No. 519    
  1902 The first Sturmey-Archer hub is produced    
    "The Cyclist" article    
    Hub 2-speed Gear Company and William Reilly.    
    Cycling Touring Club Gazette.    
    Cycle Engineers Institute extract of reading by Henry Sturmey.    
    Bowden/Sturmey/Archer images.    
    Midland Daily Telegraph 22 November, announces new invention    
    Coventry Telegraph reports start of Sturmey-Archer    
    First Hub Exploded Display    
    Bedfordshire Times report about next year’s models    
    Edinburgh Post ’Hum of the Wheel’ 3 articles    
  1903 Incorporation of 3-Speed Gear Syndicate Limited    
    CTC Gazette article.    
    The first advertisement (in the Yorkshire Post newspaper)    
    Raleigh advertisement in Illustrated London News magazine    
    Nottingham Post ‘Hum of the Wheel’ articles    
    London News report on the first production    
  1904 July advertisement from Cycling magazine    
    November advertisement from Cycling magazine    
    The first catalogue    
    Fongers Netherlands bike, with S-A.    
    Illustrated London News article and advertisements    
    3-Speed Gear Syndicate advertisement.    
    Land’s End to John O’Groat’s advertisement.    
    London News advertisement    
    London News Raleigh bike advertisement    
    Raleigh advertisement in Yorkshire    
  1905 Type X 3-speed hub.    
    Type C tri-coaster brake hub.    
    Brown Brothers catalogue    
    Chesterfield bike shop advertisement    
    Bike advertisement in Ross Gazette    
    Cycling Page in daily News    
  1906 The Pink Catalogue.    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Two local newspaper advertisements    
    Exeter newspaper advertisement    
    Devon & Exeter Gazette advertisement    
    The best of variable gears, advertisement    
    Runs in its own oil-bath – Grantham Journal advertisement    
    JAP side-valve with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Bedfordshire times advertisement    
    Gloucester journal advertisement    
    Report on visit to Raleigh factory and advertisements    
    Daily News cycling notes and Triumph no women advertisement    
    Winchurch Brothers Bike Shop, Birmingham    
    Dutch language instruction manual    
    Turkheimer Milan parts catalogue    
  1907 Type X 3-speed hub - branded " 3-speed Gear Syndicate"    
    Type V 3-speed hub    
    Type N tri-coaster brake hub    
    French language spare parts pricelist for type X hub    
    Brown Brothers catalogue    
    Multi-speed gearing article    
    Hub catalogue.    
    Raleigh catalogue page.    
    Royal Enfield catalogue.    
    Plymouth Gazette notice.    
    3-speed gear syndicate advertisement    
    Cycling Touring Club recommendation advertisement    
    Hill climbing contest, advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Premier bike advertisement    
    Grantham Journal newspaper advertisements    
    Raleigh joint advertising    
    Humber bike joint advertising    
    Hull newspaper advertisement    
    Dr. Griffiths says    
    Bedfordshire Times    
    Newspaper advertisements in Ireland    
    Oxfordshire Times 3 advertisements    
  1908 Sturmey-Archer catalogue - 34 pages    
    Advertisement in Cycling magazine    
    Enamelled metal advertisement (3-speed Gear Syndicate)    
    Sturmey-Archer Gears Limited is incorporated.    
    Hub gear types    
    Royal Ruby.    
    Record ride.    
    Cycling magazine article on type V hub.    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    End to End record    
    Retail hub price and controls    
    Quadrant gear control lever    
    Lightest without exception advertisement    
    WHY advertisement    
    Lands End- John O’Groats record time brochure    
    Elswick catalogue pages    
    Review of type V 3-speed hub    
    Formerly the 3-speed syndicate ….    
    Lightest without Exception, advertisement    
    End to End record broken, newspaper advertisement    
    Edlin-Sinclair catalogue pages    
    Round the World advertisement    
    The Best of Variable Gears, advertisement    
    Sturmey-Archer – Raleigh joint advertising    
    Joint advertising    
    End-to-End Joint advertising    
    French language manual    
    Wells Advertiser newspaper advertisement    
    Advertisements and articles in Cricket & Football Field    
    Cycling notes and advertising    
  1909 Cycling Penny Handbook "Variable Gears". (19 pages.)    
    Two versions of metal advertising sign.    
    ASL with S-A 3-speed.    
    Trade show type X hub review.    
    Page from Centaur Resilient bike catalogue    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    "Don’t say 3-speed",advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement.    
    Humber combined advertisements    
    Four advertisements in Bucks Herald newspaper    
    Hub advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Invincible Still, advertisement in Grantham Journal    
    At every Point Unequalled, advertisement    
    local newspaper advertisement    
    Hastings Observer essayists    
    Leeds Mercury joint advertisement    
    New Zealand newspaper advertisement    
    Daily News Cycling notes and advertisements    
    Page from Hirondelle French catalogue    
    The Telegraph consumer advertisements    
    Rand Daily Mail South Africa bike advertisement    
    The Daily News advertisements and Cycling Notes    
    Paris tricoaster advertisement    
  1910 Hints to users - X and N pattern hubs.    
    Hub catalogue    
    Newspaper advertisement.    
    Cricket and Football Field magazine advertisements    
    Type X gear control.    
    Two factory drawings of type N hub.    
    “A new record” advertisement.    
    Learn to cycle school, Amsterdam.    
    Armstrong (Reilly) Gear    
    Lichfield Mercury newspaper advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Now is the Time, advertisement.    
    H. Chaput Paris wholesale catalogue    
    Osmonds catalogue pages    
    Raleigh 3-speed bike    
    59,000 miles without slipping, advertisement    
    Why exhaust your strength, advertisement    
    'Why make a toll' joint advertisement    
    Premier bike advertisement in The Sphere    
    Premier bike advertisements    
    The Telegraph advertisements and Cycling articles    
    Daily News advertisements and Cycling notes    
  1911 Factory drawing of tri-coaster hub    
    Bradbury 554cc with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
    Edwardian point-of-sale.    
    Page from Raleigh catalogue    
    Cycling magazine advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Two-page advertisement in Cycling    
    Harrison parts catalogue page    
    The Gear for Durability, advertisement    
    3-speed and Tricoaster advertisement    
    Singer bicycle advertisement    
    Motorcycle gear hub manual    
    Motorcycle gear hub advertisement    
  1912 Catalogue including type X and type N hubs.    
    Health,Wealth & Happiness    
    Cross-frame Raleigh with Sturmey-Archer.    
    Motorcycle hub gear.    
    Click and the world is Flat, advertisement    
    In the Public Eye, advertisement    
    When the leaves are Falling, advertisement    
    Elswick catalogue pages    
    Father Time Abolished, advertisement    
    Berlin breach of patent    
    Fongers (Holland) advertisement.    
    Fongers De Rijnbode newspaper advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Pall Mall Gazette exhibition article    
    The World’s Best Bicycle advertisement    
  1913 Sturmey-Archer hub ridden by Petit-Breton in the Tour de France    
    Cycle and motorcycle gear hub catalogue.    
    Armstrong 3-speed gear catalogue.    
    Be up-to-date advertisement    
    Test of Merit advertisement    
    The joy of speed advertisement    
    Wasted energy advertisement    
    Do you enjoy cycling advertisement    
    On the level advertisement    
    Spring clean your bicycle advertisemnt    
    Olympia show advertisement.    
    Which is better? advertisement.    
    Every rider should be… , advertisement.    
    Motorbike hub gear advertisement.    
    French pricelist.    
    Newspaper advertisement    
    Type X gear control lever    
    James catalogue pages    
    Why should you? Advertisement    
    Elswick bike catalogue pages    
    Two Fongers bicycle advertisements    
    Pall Mall Gazette show report and advertisements    
    French catalogue page    
    Wairarapa Times New Zealand motorbike advertisement    
    Royal ruby advertisement in Otago times New Zealand    
    Pall Mall Gazette Olympia show report    
    Parts catalogue from Spain    
  1914 Type A 3-speed hub    
    Type FN tri-coaster brake hub    
    Type FX 3-speed hub    
    Machinery Magazine article    
    Hub catalogue    
    Countershaft gear advertisement.    
    Make a point advertisement    
    Cause and effect advertisement    
    Half the pleasure advertisement    
    Hilltop Delights advertisement.    
    Peugeot catalogue    
    Top tube quadrant control.    
    Type S hub made in USA.    
    Countershaft gear catalogue.    
    Triumph 4hp motorbike with Sturmey-archer gear.    
    Western Times newspaper advertisement.    
    Type FN hub    
    The Tricoaster is unique, advertisement    
    Up hill, down dale ,2-page advertisement    
    Sears, Roebuck catalogue pages    
    3-Speed countershaft gear articles    
    UK Daily Mail advertisement    
    Type A hub photographs    
    Humber Adelaide motorbike advertisement    
    Pope USA bicycle article    
  1915 Motorcycle hub manual.    
    WW1 army bike, S-A equipped Triumph 550cc.    
    550 cc Triumph model H motorcyle.    
    Tool for motorbike 3-speed hub gear    
    Sydney Australia countershaft gear article    
    Sacramento ,California Pope motorcycle advertisement    
    Tasmania British motorcycle advertisement    
    Humber motorcycle advertisement.    
    USA ‘Allied Armies’ advertisement    
    USA report about WW1 production    
    Double page spread from Chicago    
    Mother of invention advertisement    
    King Sewing Machine USA advertisement    
    Triumph motorcycle catalogue    
  1916 Financial ledgers    
    A mighty truism advertisement    
    Land's End record    
    The Essence of Lightness advertisement.    
    The roads are empty,advertisement.    
    Page from Raleigh catalogue    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Raleigh bike advertisement    
    Triumph motorcycle    
  1917 A real boon advertisement    
    For both sexes advertisement    
    National service advertisement    
    Run like silk advertisement    
    What's your experience advertisement    
    “For after the war”, advertisements    
    Newspaper consumer advertising    
  1918 Type K 3-speed hub.    
    Type KB 3-speed drum brake hub    
    Verbum sat sapienti advertisement    
    Makes cycling fascinating.    
    The seal of supremacy, advertisement.    
    Raleigh Cycle advertisement    
    Type AB (?) 3-speed drum brake hub    
    Cycle and motor cycle gear advertisement    
    Royal Frankfort catalogue pages    
    Despatch riders poem.    
  1919 All repairs required advertisement    
    Finger movement advertisement    
    Hill-climbing test advertisement    
    Life and soul advertisement    
    Lightness & Efficiency    
    My cycling joys advertisement    
    Seal of supremacy advertisement    
    Stormy winds blow advertisement    
    The boys are coming home    
    The old-timers advertisement    
    The only genuine, advertisement    
    War is over advertisement    
    Holiday Tour advertisement.    
    Fascinating Cycling advertisement.    
    First and Foremost advertisement.    
    No hills to climb advertisement.    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    “Ask any dispatch rider”, advertisement    
    Cassell Handbook on variable gears    
    Tamplin cycle-car with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Page from USA Black Beauty parts catalogue    
    Triumph Motorcycle advertising    
    Triumph Motorcycle advertisement in The Graphic    
    Raleigh 3-speed with 108cc Cyclotracteur motor    
    Advertising in Cheltenham ‘Looker On”    
  1920 Factory drawing of motor cycle gear    
    Be independent advertisement    
    Every rides a joy ride advertisement    
    I wonder if advertisement    
    Labour saving device advertisement    
    Over the alps advertisement    
    That's the secret advertisement    
    Trade advertisement.    
    The Brown Bicycle.    
    Countershaft gear – when failure meant death    
    Sturmey-Archer advertisement    
    London magazine advertising    
    Raleigh advertisements    
    Over hill and hollow, advertisement    
    Bike shop in Surrey, UK    
  1921 Countershaft Gear catalogue    
    Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Campion motorbike and gearbox.    
    Obituary Frank Bowden    
    Lubrication advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Newspaper article about the new factory    
    Changing gear, advertisement    
    Like someone pushing behind, advertisement    
    Cycling Magazine front cover    
    Gloucester Chronicle prices down advertisement    
    Leeds Mercury advertisement    
    The cornishman advertisement    
    Derby Courier advertisement    
    Gloucester Chronicle advertisement    
  1922 Type CC single speed coaster brake hub    
    Type KC tri-coaster brake hub.    
    Gear control levers    
    Bicycle hub catalogue.    
    New factory souvenir brochure    
    All-chain Zenith motorcycle    
    A True Story advertisement.    
    Tricoaster local newspaper advertisement    
    Type KC hub    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    BSA book of gears    
    Joint advertising in local newspaper    
    Countershaft gear local paper advertisement    
    Type KC Tricoaster hub    
    Olympia show report in Banbury Journal    
    Hyslop Brothers catalogue from Toronto, Canada..    
  1923 33,000 miles advertisement    
    Headwinds advertisement    
    Over the hill advertisement    
    Ringing the bell advertisement    
    The mark of good bicycles advertisement.    
    Saroléa Belgium 3-speed motorbike (in Czech language)    
    Raleigh Romance advertisement.    
    Raleigh advertisement.    
    “An example to employers” newspaper article    
    Newspaper report about introduction of type KC tricoaster hub    
    Beardsmore Precision motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    Grigg motorbike advertisement    
    The Sketch Gamages motorbike advertisement    
  1924 A & N pattern hub service information.    
    Board meeting minutes    
    Raleigh side-valve motorbike.    
    Brough sidevalve flat twin.    
    It's the service advertisement    
    Scleroscope advertisement    
    The progress of cycling advertisement    
    Metal service depot sign.    
    Type A & N pattern hubs.    
    NUT 5 hp 3-speed motorcycle.    
    Senior TT winner.    
    Raleigh motorcycle local newspaper advertisement    
    “Why 3-speed“ Derby Telegraph article    
    Patent for Sturmey’s 5-speed (never produced)    
    ‘Satisfaction’ countershaft gearbox advertisement    
    Henry Sturmey’s 5-speed hub patent    
    Consumer advertisements in local newspapers    
    Type LS countershaft gearbox    
    Motorcycle advertisements    
  1925 Motor cycle gearbox advertisement    
    Sturmey-Archer gears in motor bikes.    
    NER-A-CAR with S-A gearbox and clutch    
    Boys Own magazine advertisements.    
    Make all roads easy advertisement.    
    Felix kept on walking advertisement.    
    Make a difference advertisement.    
    Series local newspaper advertisements    
    Nottingham local newspaper advertisement    
    No bicycle is worth having, advertisement.    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    ‘What about it? ’trade advertisement.    
    Type K hub manual    
    CS gearbox ( 2011 3D drawing)    
    Motor cycle gearbox advertisement    
    Clarke’s motorbike local advertisements    
    Makes Sales Easy, advertisement    
    Book page from France    
    Horrowhenua Chronicle New Zealand advertisement    
    Family motorbike advertisement    
  1926 Raleigh V-twin motorbike.    
    Dunelt motorcycle    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Two versions of local advertisement    
    Dover local newspaper advertisement    
    Brown Brothers catalogue pages    
    Newspaper article about London Olympia show    
    Dublin joint advertising    
    “Skegness” joint advertising    
    New Zealand advertisement    
    Sales manual for type CS motorcycle gearbox    
    Graphic magazine Raleigh    
    Otago Bay Tasmania, Royal Enfield advertisement    
    Olympia show report in West Sussex Observer    
    Motorbike advertisements in New Zealand    
  1927 Countershaft gear catalogue    
    Raleigh standard light roadster.    
    Royal Enfield catalogue.    
    Why Be Worried ,advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Halfords catalogue pages    
    BSA stops 3-speed hub production    
    Burnley local newspaper advertising    
    K,KC,CC hub manual    
    Royal Enfield 3-speed gearbox    
    Javon Nurnberg motorbike with 248cc S-A engine and gearbox    
    Rovin France products    
    Motorbike advertisement in Australia    
    Adelaide Australia motorbike advertisement    
  1928 2-speed gear for motorbikes    
    Raleigh 500cc motorbike.    
    Victoria motorcycle with S-A engine    
    DSH Austria with 3-speed Sturmey-Archer.    
    Husqvana 175 cc with Sturmey-Archer gearbox.    
    Mr. Single Gear advertisement.    
    German language countershaft gearbox manual    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    Pages from Raleigh 4-language catalogue    
    Pages from Bransom, Kent wholesale catalogue    
    Good Fairy local paper advertisement    
    ‘One in four’ , local newspaper advertisement    
    Countershaft Gearbox advertisement    
    Perth Australia gearbox maintenance    
    Road Roller advertisement    
    Big Wheel advertisement    
    Two guys advertisement    
    Cycling snail advertisement    
    "How can she do that" advertisement    
    "Smile at the Miles" advertisement    
    "One-in-four feeling" advertisement    
  1929 Motorcycle gearbox factory in Nurmberg, Germany    
    Motor bike engine catalogue in 3 languages    
    Countershaft gear partslist.    
    Matchless type X/R and gearbox    
    Aliprandi,Italy 350cc motorbike with S-A gear box.    
    Gearbox customers advertisement.    
    Single speed snail advertisement    
    Local newspaper advertisement    
    German language countershaft gear catalogue    
    Type LS countershaft gearbox manual    
    Type LW motorbike gearbox    
    Allegro Poland 350cc motorbike with Sturmey-Archer gearbox    
    New Zealand New Hudson advertisement.    
    Press releases published in local newspapers    
    Akaroa New Zealand, New Hudson advertisement    
    Dunelt motorbikes with Sturmey-Archer engines and gears    
  1930 Sales leaflet.    
    Metal advertisement for dealer shops.    
    Makes Cycling Easy brochure    
    Brown Brothers Catalogue    
    Engine and gearbox leaflet.    
    Death of Henry Sturmey.    
    Countershaft gearbox gate.    
    Newspaper obituary Henry Sturmey    
    Type BS/BW motorcycle gearbox    
    Gearbox supplementary spare parts list    
    250 miles on half a crown, newspaper article    
    Block engine from Germany    
    Sturmey Archie advertisement    
    3-wheel delivery with Sturmey-Archer gearbox in Dundee, Scotland    
    Easy to Change advertisement    
    Big wheels advertisement    
    Are you really enjoying cycling?    
  1931 Premier 500 Czech motorcycle with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.    
    Motorbike gear patent specification.    
    Norton motorcycle gearbox advertisement.    
    Gearbox manual    
    Ideal for Tandems advertisement.    
    Satisfied Tandemist advertisement.    
    Speed Men advertisement.    
    Tandemists advertisemnet.    
    Tandemists! advertisement.    
    Raleigh bike advertisement.    
    Panther Red Wing catalogue.    
    Countershaft gear service.    
    Raleigh Record 3-speed model.    
    Acid test of a variable.    
    Record breaking variable.    
    This little lever…    
    Rossiters Record advertisement.    
    496 cc 4-stroke engine specification    
    348cc engine drawing    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Dawes Perfection catalogue pages    
    Warrens Bike Shop consumer advertisements    
    The Silent Sturmey gearbox advertisement    
    The silent Sturmey gearbox advertisement    
    The Silent Sturmey - Motorcycle gearbox advertisement    
    Maude cup victory, Adelaide Australia    
    The herald ‘Perfect Bike’ article    
    Motorcycle gearbox advertisement    
  1932 Type KS 3-speed close ratio hub    
    Close ratio gears sales brochure    
    Type LBF front drum brake hub ( Later type BF/C )    
    Type LBR rear drum brake hub ( Later type BR/C )    
    Engine from Raleigh Motorcycle    
    Wolf motorcycles.    
    Engines article in German language.    
    Carlton with 500cc S-A engine.    
    Poster with retail prices.    
    Motorcycle gearbox parts/pricelist.    
    Type K, KB and KC hub catalogue.    
    Soyer France 500cc motorbike.    
    Type K quadrant gear lever.    
    4-speed countershaft gearbox catalogue.    
    4-speed countershaft gearbox manual (45 pages)    
    Elswick Catalogue pages    
    Humber catalogue pages    
    JAP gearbox under licence from Sturmey-Archer    
    'it's a miracle' Hercules advertisement    
    Norton gearbox advertisement    
    Moto Neuves ,Paris advertisement    
    Daily Herald announces drum brake production    
  1933 Type KSW 3-speed medium ratio hub    
    KS/KSW hubs section drawing    
    Type T/TF 2-speed fixed/freewheel hub    
    Type TB/F 2-speed with tandem 90mm drum brake    
    Chameleon advertisement    
    He-man advertisement    
    Olympia show advertisement    
    Product range poster    
    Hub catalogue    
    Raleigh "saves" advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    How the close ratio variable works    
    Hub catalogue – Norway    
    Type K, KB, KS, LB, KC, CC hubs    
    Murphy & Casey, in the Dundee Courier    
    Vienna ‘warning copy parts’ advertisement    
    3-wheel car with Sturmey-Archer 742cc V-Twin engine    
    Whitstable Times bike shop advertisement    
  1934 Type KT 3-speed hub with 110mm drum brake    
    Type BFT front hub with 110mm Perry drum brake    
    Type BRT rear hub with 110mm drum brake    
    Tandem hub brochure    
    Tyre-driven dynolamp    
    BSA roadster.    
    Barkers book of cycles.    
    Wheel advertisement.    
    "A hub for every cyclist" advertisement.    
    "Hard Labour Cyclists" advertisement.    
    Mary had a little ... advertisment.    
    Two-speed hub advertisement.    
    Aids to Cycling brochure.    
    Raleigh Sturmey-Archer new head offices.    
    Hercules 3-speed advertisement.    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Royal Enfield catalogue pages    
    Hopper catalogue pages    
    West Midland Accessories Co. catalogue pages    
    BikeBiz advertisement    
    Four ‘Old Rhymes ‘ reproduction advertisements    
    Type TF hub advertisement    
    Sturmey-Archer became part of Raleigh Holdings    
    Trade advertisements in Norway    
    The Scotsman notes on Raleigh Industries share issue    
  1935 Advertising poster    
    Type K,KS,KSW sales leaflet    
    Gear control levers.    
    Wooden box for service spare parts    
    2-speed advertisement    
    Sales range poster.    
    How strong is a headwind? advertisement.    
    Hercules Popular bike advertisements.    
    How steep is a hill advertisement    
    Czech distributor catalogue.    
    4 versions of - We fit them here, advertisements    
    Dawes bike catalogue advertisement.    
    "A moral for the dealer"advertisement.    
    Duo-parabolic dynolamp reflector.    
    Two-speed hub poster.    
    Humber bikes with Sturmey-Archer gears.    
    K pattern 3-speed hub.    
    Service Depot metal sign.    
    Fongers, Groningen bikes price card    
    Point-of-Sale sticker    
    Raleigh advertisement.    
    Elswick catalogue pages    
    Sunbeam catalogue pages    
    Black/white Archie image    
    Littlehampton Gazette Hercules advertisement    
    Ransomes mower with Sturmey-Archer engine    
    Fongers was the Dutch importer for Sturmey-Archer    
  1936 Type AW 3-speed wide ratio hub    
    Section drawing type AW hub    
    Type AR 3-speed very close ratio hub    
    Type TC 2-speed fixed/freewheel    
    Type GH12 12 volt 0.23 amp,2.7 watt front Dynohub    
    Minutes of board meeting.    
    Sturmey Archie Poster    
    Product range poster    
    Ransomes mower with S-A engine    
    Ransome crawler tractor with S-A engine.    
    12 volt dynohub leaflet.    
    Rudge Whitworth light tourist.    
    Sturmey-Archer engines and gearboxes.    
    TBC hub advertisement    
    Reichsmark Preisliste.    
    2-speed close ratio advertisement    
    15 Reasons USA advertisement.    
    Hub range leaflet.    
    Hub range including 2-speed.    
    KS close ratio hub, advertisement.    
    3 million gear hubs advertisement.    
    TF 2-speed advertisement.    
    Raleigh year report in local paper    
    Raleigh with KS hub advertisement    
    Are you enjoying your riding?    
    Proved efficiency    
    Price reduction…    
    For the Club rider    
    The modern gear    
    KS, KSW hubs    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Hudson catalogue pages    
    New Imperial catalogue pages    
    Royal Enfield catalogue pages    
    Newspaper article about dealer visit    
    Castrol Oil can    
    Vaderland Newspaper advertisement for Fongers bikes    
    Two Fongers advertisements in Dutch newspapers    
    Raleigh advertisement type KS hub    
    Hercules bikes range advertisement    
    A hub for all cyclists – range advertisement    
    Manual for Ransomes tractor with Sturmey-Archer engine    
    Record sales in Annual report    
    Sturmey-Archer road racing team    
  1937 Type AM 3-speed medium ratio hub    
    Raleigh 50 year Jubilee    
    Dynolamp brochure.    
    Oil order form    
    Hubshell logo's    
    New 3-speed range leaflet.    
    USA "The Cyclist" advertisement    
    Type AR hub sales leaflet.    
    Danish lubricating leaflet    
    12v 3w dynohub maintenance instructions.    
    Service bulletin number 2.    
    Servicing drum brake hubs.    
    Dyno lamp 6 volt 4.5W.    
    For solo or tandems    
    Raleigh Dynohub    
    12-volt Dynohub    
    Perry drum brake hub with Sturmey-Archer gear    
    Dawes catalogue pages    
    Halfords catalogue pages    
    Rudge-Whitworth catalogue page    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Dayton catalogue pages    
    Hub catalogue – Norway    
    Type K , KS , KSW hubs    
    Type KT, BFT, BRT tandem hubs    
    TC hub advertisement in CTC magazine    
    Vicar cycles 600 miles for lunch – newspaper article    
    Clubroom 2-speed advertisement    
    Sydney Australia close ratio advertisement    
    KB hub advertisement in Australia    
    Choice of Champions advertisement Sydney Australia    
    Daily Herald bike show article and advertisement    
    London Portsmouth record advertisement    
    Trigger gear control types until 1960    
    Earls Court show advertisement in Daily Herald    
    Smooth Running Halfords advertisement    
  1938 Two-speed hub sales leaflet.    
    Type AT 3-speed(AW) hub with rivetted-on 110mm drum brake    
    Type AB 3-speed hub with 90mm drumbrake    
    Type GH8 8 volt,0.15 amp,1.2 watt front Dynohub.    
    Type AF 4-speed close ratio hub    
    Sales catalogue    
    Product range poster    
    8 volt dynamo leaflet.    
    Aids to Cycling Poster.    
    Range of hubs brochure    
    Flick of the finger advertisement    
    "Follow the leader" advertisement.    
    Advertisement from Dawes catalogue.    
    Neatest, cleanest, lightest advertisement.    
    Second "neatest.lightest" advertisement.    
    French language moyeux manual.    
    Dynohub brochure in 6 languages    
    Trigger gear control leaflet.    
    Solo/Tandem, fixed/freewheel 2-speed hubs.    
    Cycling Magazine article on type AM hub.    
    Hub range brochure – Norway.    
    Raleigh Sturmey-Archer local newspaper advertisement    
    USA Raleigh catalogue page    
    Dynohub advertisement    
    Dynohub and Dynolamp service leaflets    
    Raleigh South Africa catalogue    
    “Irish Free States” catalogue    
    Motor Cycle Trader service supplements    
    Humber catalogue pages    
    Dawes catalogue pages    
    Battery bike catalogue pages    
    Bike hanger sales card    
    Type AB. BF ,BR drum brake hubs    
    Type AW , AM , AR 3-speed hubs    
    Type AW, AM,AB service data in trade magazine    
    2-speed leaflet    
    Raleigh USA catalogue cover    
    Costed repairs for bike shops    
    Manx bike in Newcastle Australia    
    Records advertisement in Australia    
    Three record holders    
    Raleigh Continental advertisement    
  1939 Type FM 4-speed medium ratio hub    
    CTC plaque awarded for 4-speed as greatest innovation    
    Fongers ( Sturmey-Archer's Dutch distributor) pricelist for spares    
    4-speed gear control levers    
    Axle and indicator chart.    
    BSA S-A gears advertisement.    
    Raleigh factory advertisement.    
    AR & AM gear adjustment.    
    4-Speed article from"The Bicycle".    
    Speed with ease, type AR leaflet.    
    Four-speed hub advertisement.    
    Facts make News ,4-speed advertisement.    
    Trigger Position Advice.    
    “The Bicycle” magazine 4-speed article.    
    Cycling magazine article on FM hub.    
    Aids to better Cycling brochure.    
    Raleigh catalogue pages.    
    Rudge-Whitworth range.    
    “Choose Sturmey-archer because” advertisement.    
    “The greatest cycling event” advertisement.    
    Two Constant Pedaling Rate advertisements.    
    Two Tommy Godwin advertisements.    
    Whatever the Gradient advertisement.    
    Type AM Hub, retail carton    
    Type AB hub retail pack carton    
    Kirk & Merifield catalogue pages    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Indicator couplings from 1905    
    Type AF & AM 4-speed hubs    
    Capt. Eystons Thunderbolt advertisement    
    4-speed introduction advertisement    
    Wartime production    
    Sydney Australia 4-speed hub report    
    Two ads on Melbourne newspaper page    
    French Language service manual    
    Melbourne Sporting Globe advertisement    
    Not only the choice of champions – Australia    
    Bristol post Raleigh advertisement    
    Sunderland Echo bike page    
    Barkers – Britain’s Biggest Bicycle Bargain    
    Daily Herald ‘Cycling is on its Toes’ article    
    Brown Brothers parts catalogue    
  1940 Swiss-made AW hub.    
    Wartime black-out advertisement.    
    Wartime Raleigh advertisement    
    Carlton catalogue pages    
    Gazelle UK ,wartime catalogue pages    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Dayton catalogue pages    
    Humber catalogue pages    
    Totally Enclosed ,advertisement    
    The Merry Cyclist    
  1941 Vibo hub (with special thanks to Mr. Alfred Minder from Zürich, Switzerland).    
    Servicing the Dynohub    
    Servicing type A hubs    
    “None of our aircraft is missing” wartime advertisement    
  1942 Wartime advertisement    
    Four wartime advertisements    
  1943 Making no more, till the end of the war    
    We are making no more ,until after the war    
  1945 Type GH6 6 volt ,2 watt front Dynohub    
    Type FW 4-speed wide ratio hub    
    Spare parts list for type K and A hubs    
    Who cares about hills ,advertisement    
    Local newspaper copy parts warning    
    Type FW 4-speed hub manual    
    After the war Humber advertisement    
    Lightest, Neatest, Cleanest local newspaper advertisement    
    Daily Mirror ‘Notice to Cyclists‘    
  1946 Dyno-luxe back-up accumulator unit, for when dynamo not operating.    
    Type ASC 3-speed close ratio fixed gear hub    
    Type AG 3-speed 6 volt Dynohub    
    Type FC close ratio 4-speed hub    
    Sales leaflet-introduction of alloy hub shell.    
    ASC 3-speed fixed hub advertisement.    
    Hub dynamo advertisement    
    Manual for 8 & 12 volt dynohubs    
    “Thus we served” book showed wartime production    
    A complete range, advertisement    
  1947 3 and 4-speed hub poster    
    Record breakers leaflet.    
    FW 4-speed hub, advertisement.    
    Catalogue page.    
    Flick trigger advertisement.    
    Type FC Hub , retail carton    
    Norman bike catalogue pages    
    Raleigh local newspaper advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Long lever trigger    
    Whizzer motor system in US bikes    
    Trigger advertisement    
    Raleigh Bike catalogue    
  1948 Type FG 4-speed 6 volt Dynohub    
    Type AC 3-speed very close ratio hub    
    Advertising poster    
    Enamelled metal advertisement( German )    
    Raligram house magazine including Sturmey-Archer factory views.    
    4-speed hub leaflet    
    Parts-lists including tools.    
    BSA 3-speed hub catalogue    
    Easy cycling advertisement.    
    Raleigh post-war advertisement.    
    Packaging for type AG 3-speeed dynohub    
    Coventry Eagle catalogue pages    
    Dayton catalogue pages    
  1949 Type FB 4-speed drum brake hub    
    Sales/service dealer book    
    4-speed hub advertisement    
    Product range including FB/C hub.    
    UK distribution depots.    
    Trigger advertisement    
    4-speed advertisement.    
    Corporate advertisements.    
    Trigger for type ASC fixed hub    
    Dynohub shop poster    
    Extra legs 4-speed advertisement    
    Hub catalogue – Norway    
    Pages from Raleigh maintenance handbook    
    Too high income tax article - nothing has changed    
    French Belgium hub and spares catalogue    
    Local newspaper advertising    
  1950 Advertisement in Belgian trade magazine    
    Raleigh Industries corporate brochure    
    Retail pricelist.    
    Service information letter    
    Service spares kit    
    Dynohub Poster    
    Dynohub advertisement.    
    Winter fitness ASC advertisement.    
    ASC hub "first again" advertisement.    
    Post-war hub availability advertisements.    
    Genuine Spares availability advertisements.    
    Club, Utilty, Racing Gears, poster.    
    Trade advertisement.    
    Playing card.    
    Rollo Elf 3-speed lathe.    
    4-speed triggers.    
    Service spares cabinet leaflet.    
    Raleigh USA advertisement.    
    All the advantages, local newspaper advertisement    
    Less tax on your energy , local advertisement    
    Dry Battery Unit frame sticker    
    No-name FG four speed dynohub.    
    Dynohub advertisement    
    Over the hills advertisement    
    Royal Enfield catalogue pages    
    AW hub retail sale carton    
    Raleigh Sturmey-Archer oil    
    Type AC ultra close ratio hub advertisement    
    Type FC 4-speed hub advertisement    
    Site of the new Sturmey-Archer factory    
    Consumer advertisements    
    Raleigh model Suberbe advertisement    
    French language service manual    
    Brown Brothers catalogue page    
    Melbourne Australia Sporting Globe advertisements    
    Bike shop advertisements    
  1951 Dynohub Dry battery unit.Switch-on stand-by lighting power source    
    Dynohub Filter Switch Unit.Power source cutting in at low speeds    
    Product range poster    
    Service manual    
    Since the early days advertisement    
    Spare Parts List.    
    Dynohub poster.    
    Raleigh dynohub history.    
    Indian Scout advertisement.    
    Norway fishing/bikes catalogue    
    Spare parts availability advertisements    
    Bike shop shelf decoration    
    “gives you wings’ French advertisement    
    Rudge Festival of Britain advertisement    
    Central Design thread specification instruction    
  1952 "50 Years of Leadership" book. ( 16 pages )    
    Type TCW tri-coaster brake hub    
    Type BF/C - BR/C mark II drum brake hubs    
    Trade parts list book    
    50 years poster    
    Dynohub advertisement.    
    Humber bike catalogue advertisement.    
    This was the prophecy advertisement    
    Dry Battery Unit.    
    Schwinn New World 3-speed bike    
    Singapore advertisement    
    Brown Brothers parts catalogue    
  1953 The Original and Best poster    
    Easy riding advertisement    
    German language trade catalogue    
    Hercules Gears advertisement.    
    3 & 4-speed hub advertisements.    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (1).    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (2).    
    Geared for easy Cycling, advertisement (3).    
    Geared for easy cycling,ratios.    
    TCW hub leaflet from Norway.    
    Coronation Celebration advertisement.    
    GH6 dynohub advertisement    
    3&4-speed gear tables    
    Triumph catalogue pages    
    Spoke fitting Dynohub sales card    
    ‘Prophecy’ advertisement in trade handbook    
    Bike shop advertisement in Arbroath Herald    
  1954 Type SW 3-speed hub    
    Wall poster    
    New factory    
    AW hub clones.    
    Dynohub leaflet    
    Product range advertisement    
    Advertisements - Danish    
    Trade advertisement - Belgium    
    Lighting advertisement    
    Hub retail pricelist.    
    Product range leaflet    
    New SW hub, leaflet.    
    Service manual for TCW hub – Norway    
    Light & Easy Riding poster    
    Dynohubs in Dutch    
    Trade service manual all products    
    FW 4-speed hub manual    
    GH6 Dynohub manual    
    SW 3-speed hub manual    
    Sunderland Echo ' A joy to all' advertisement    
    Raleigh catalogue Dynohub page    
    Raleigh bike catalogue    
    Chairman’s annual statement    
    AW hub clones , field study report    
  1955 Sturmey-Archer Holland opens in Nassaukade 387,Amsterdam.    
    Dutch language leaflet including factory views    
    Amsterdam RAI exhibition stand    
    Article from"Cycling" on type TCW hub.    
    Raleigh Industries advertisement.    
    Rudge USA advertisement.    
    Trade Advertisements.    
    Dynohub service information    
    Type TCW exploded hub display    
    Trade advertisements    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Hub shell oiler    
    Type FC massed start advertisement    
    Sturmey-Archer logo in Thai    
    Fongers was the Sturmey-Archer Dutch importer until 1956    
    Sturmey-Archer News January    
    Sturmey-Archer News May    
    Sturmey-Archer News June – plastic lubricator    
    Sturmey-Archer News July    
    Sturmey-Archer News August – QR connectors    
    Sturmey-Archer News, September with mailing    
    Sturmey-Archer News, November    
  1956 BSA(Sturmey-Archer type X) hub made under licence 1908-1956    
    Fongers bike with S-A.    
    Torpedo USA advertisement.    
    Dutch language trade catalogue.    
    Trade advertisement.    
    SW hub advertisement.    
    Single freewheel.    
    The Fabulous Quartet.    
    Girdles the world brochure    
    Dynohub leaflet    
    Armstrong catalogue cover    
    Boys Own advertisements    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
    Raligram reports founding of Sturmey-Archer Netherlands    
    Raleigh Industries annual report from The Daily Herald    
    Malvern Star Australian advertisement    
  1957 Dutch wholesale/ retail/consumer prices for hubs    
    Delivery vehicles in Brussels,Belgium    
    Trade leaflet - French language    
    Trigger gear control advertisements    
    Retail pricelist.    
    Serving Cyclists Everywhere advertisement.    
    Schwinn USA advertisement.    
    "Profits Up" trade advertisement - USA    
    Hub pricelist poster.    
    Trade pricelist.    
    Official opening of new factory by Field Marshal Montgomery    
    Phillips catalogue pages    
    The type SB hub was never produced    
    Halfords catalogue    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Schwinn USA Christmas bike advertisement    
    Year-end report and new factory    
    Monty opens the new factory    
    Amsterdam office shown in Raleigh Jubilee brochure    
  1958 Sections from Master Catalogue - complete book is 135 pages    
    Advertisements - German language    
    Advertisements - Dutch language    
    Monark, Sweden advertisement    
    Two-stroke engine for Raleigh moped.    
    AW drive train images – Dutch.    
    Norwegian girl SW poster    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    GH6 dynohub exploded view    
    ‘China Girl ‘ metal advertisements were always damaged by Asian weather    
    Type SW advertisement –German    
    Raleigh moped introduced    
    Schwinn Jaguar advertisement    
    Scoo-ped is Streets Ahead    
  1959 Neon advertising sign    
    Pricelist for hubs in England    
    In May, Brooks saddles became a sister company.    
    Advertisement - Germany    
    Advertisements - Finland    
    Advertisements - USA    
    Advertisement - Australia    
    Spanish language advertisement    
    Boy and Girl advertisements    
    Sales leaflet Norway.    
    State Safety advice    
    Six touring England advertisements.    
    Raleigh moped advertisement.    
    Moped engine exploded drawing.    
    Triumph “Go Man Go “sales leaflet.    
    Advertisement – Singapore.    
    Consumer advertisements – Finland.    
    Indian triggermatic USA    
    Spare parts packaging 1950-70    
    Consumer hub manuals    
    Raleigh catalogue pages    
    Year-end report in Birmingham Post    
  1960 Tube Investments buys Sturmey-Archer .    
    Phillips Cycle components is now a sister company .    
    RAI exhibition stand, Amsterdam    
    Chinese advertisements - Singapore    
    German language advertisement    
    USA trade advertisement    
    Trigger levers from 1938 by Martin Hanczyc    
    English Poet Laureate mentions Sturmey-Archer.    
    "Boys Own" magazine advertisement.    
    Meccano magazine advertisements.    
    Two birds advertisements.    
    Bright light advertisement.    
    GH6 dynohub advertisement.    
    Schwinn USA 8-speed advertisement.    
    Factory hub assembly area.    
    The gay bike for teenagers.    
    Service manual for hubs, drum brakes and dynohubs    
    Raleigh/Sturmey-Archer wheelbuilding    
    Structure of Raleigh Industries holding    
    TI takes over Raleigh Industries    
    Supporting the coal industry advertisement    
  1961 Twistgrip 3-speed gear control    
    Sturmey-Archer letterhead    
    Machinery Man advertisement.    
    Two Cyclo Benelux advertisements.    
    TCW mark 3 hub until 1972.    
    Raleigh catalogue page    
    Raleigh Currys catalogue page    
    Boys Own advertisement    
    Wake up smith – advertisement    
    Raligram house magazine with dynohub advertisement    
    The UK bike industry report    
  1962 German language trade advertisement.    
    Moulton with FC 11T 4-speed, breaks London-Cardiff record.    
    UK Trade advertisement.    
    Raleigh USA catalogue pages    
    Do the twist -advertisement    
    Trigger Happy advertisement    
    Currys bike catalogue    
    Eagle Boys magazine advertisement    
  1963 Type SC single coaster brake hub    
    Two twistgrip advertisements.    
    Type SC single coaster hub sales leaflet.    
    Twistgrip gear control service notes    
    Raleigh/Sturmey-Archer spare parts    
  1964 Trade leaflet - UK    
    Coventry Telegraph CWS bikes advertisement    
  1965 Dutch language poster    
    USA distributor catalogue cover    
    Automatic twistgrip advertisement    
    Auto twistgrip service notes    
  1966 Type S5 5-speed hub with bell-crank indicator on left side.    
    Sportshift/Twinshift gear controls for Hi-Rise bikes.    
    Type S2 wide ratio 2-speed hub.    
    5-speed hub dual lever control    
    "Woody" twinshift gear control    
    Illustrated spare parts list    
    Type S5 hub maintenance instructions    
    S5 hub technical brochure    
    ‘Woody” 5-speed twinshift    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
  1967 Type S3B 3-speed hub with 55mm diameter drum brake    
    5-speed introduction leaflet    
    S3B hub technical leaflet    
    Sponsoring Ajax v. Real Madrid    
  1968 Type 70A,70B,70D and Chopper sportshift gear controls    
  1969 Belgium strip cartoon - french language    
    5-speed shifter for Raleigh Chopper model    
    Pricelist for Sturmey-Archer brand rims    
    Power Point trade leaflet    
    35,000 miles on an AW hub.    
    USA trade advertisement    
    Schwinn USA type AW and clones exploded view    
    French folding bike    
    Chopper bike page in USA catalogue    
    Super-Cyclist Belgian strip cartoon    
    GTR Sidewinder made by CCM    
  1970 Front and rear lights    
    Type S3C tri-coaster brake hub    
    Sliced 3-speed hub for display.    
    Eaton fastback hi-rise bike.    
    Price card.    
    Chopper bike with Sportshift.    
    Golden ashtray    
    Indicator couplings from 1940    
    Canada Chopper advertisement.    
  1971 Sturmey-Archer sections of Raleigh Industries catalogue    
    Workshop Data section of catalogue    
    Childrens sales brochure    
    Bracelet poster - French language    
    Brmm, Brmm, Brmm Advertisement.    
    S3C brochure    
    Hubs, Rims, & Spares trade pricelist    
  1972 'Girl ' wallposter.    
    Micrometer poster    
    Four language leaflet for Switzerland.    
    S5, ABC, BFC, BRC ,S2,SC,hubs    
    Type AW 3-speed hub manual    
    Tube investments group advertising    
    New York show market report    
    Birmingham post market report    
    UK Hi-Rise bike    
  1973 Patent for single-cable 7-speed hub, 15 December.    
    Space Age advertisement.    
    Scientific American cross-section hub drawings    
  1974 "Whatever the weather" Trade advertisement - German    
    Wickmans Lathes brochure    
    German language Sportshift advertisement.    
  1975 Sturmey-Archer" family" display made from hub components    
    Authorised dealer certificate.    
    German poster AW,TCW,SC1 hubs    
    Standard hub range    
  1976 Mobile display for bike shop. > FILM <    
    Suntour hub made by Sturmey-Archer.    
  1977 Type S5/1 5-speed with indicator chain ,left.    
    S5/1 sales information leaflet - 3 languages    
    Type SBF 70mm diameter, front drum brake hub.    
    SBF sales leaflet.    
    Multiple freewheel sales leaflet - product was never produced!    
    Press release 75 year anniversary    
    Engineering Components Division sales leaflet    
    Arabic advertisement    
    Type S5/1 hub “ fully enclosed” brochure.    
    AW hub technical leaflet    
    S3C hub technical brochure    
    Raleigh Europe meeting with Sturmey-Archer managers on the back row    
    75 years press release    
  1978 Type SBR 70mm rear drum brake hub.    
    Type SAB 3-speed 70mm drum brake hub.    
    SBF/SBR/SAB sales leaflets    
    Gear controls and fittings leaflet.    
    Type SC1 single coaster brake hub    
    Type SCC single coaster brake hub    
    Drum brake advertisement - Dutch language    
    Consumer advertisement -Belgium    
    SC1 sales leaflet    
    SBR hub technical brochure    
    SAB hub technical brochure    
    SBF hub technical brochure    
    Alloy handlebar stems    
    3-language 5-speed maintenance leaflet    
    French advertisement    
    Aftermarket pack steel caliper brake    
  1980 Product catalogue including headsets,pedals,bottom brackets.    
    Unit hub production from 1902    
    The 2 millionth hub made in 1980 is received by Alan Clarke.    
    Dutch ‘flick of the finger’ advertisement.    
    Sachs 3-speed shifters.    
    Type ABC and AW hub wall posters    
    SAB, S5, SC1 wall posters    
    Trade advertisement    
    Trade advertisement    
    Raleigh USA advertisement    
  1981 Cyclo conversion gear    
    Toe clip leaflet    
    Type S5/2 hub manual    
    Roy Hattersley on bike shops    
  1982 AB/C hub for display    
    4 versions of Trigger logo.    
    S52 5-speed hub sales leaflet    
    Design department lights    
    Vroom & Dreesman newspaper advertisement    
  1983 Type S5/2A 5-speed alloy hub    
    Labyrinth seal on brake plates .AB/C - BF/C    
    Type AW/A 3-speed alloy hub.    
    Carefree cycling advertisement - Dutch language    
    AB/BF/BR 90mm drum brake hub parts lists    
    5-speed single lever, two cable shifter leaflet    
    Lighting and dynohub leaflet    
    Pedal leaflet    
    Point-of- sale handlebar hanger in Dutch    
    Type SBF/SAB/SBR hub brake manual    
    Have you seen the Light,advertisement    
  1984 Type AW( No Inbetween Gear) for Columbia U.S.A..    
    Type VT alloy front 70mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings    
    Type ST alloy rear 70mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings    
    Type AT3 alloy 3-speed 70mm diameter drum brake hub    
    Hub display AT3    
    Elite aluminiun alloy drum brake hubs - Dutch language sales leaflet    
    Type XAG prototype 3-speed dynohub - never produced    
    XAG sales leaflet for IFMA Cologne exhibition    
    Win a holiday in Sri Lanka competition leaflet - Dutch language    
    Cut-away hubs for display    
    Production dates by product, from 1902    
    Drum brake ice skating brochure    
    Sturmey-Archer Brooks Trade advertisement    
    Historical product listing by former SA Technical Director    
  1985 Type AT5 alloy 5-speed 70mm drum brake hub.    
    Type GBF front 90mm drum brake hub with sealed bearings.    
    Product range catalogue    
    Sturmey-Archer is seperated out of Raleigh Industries.    
    Vektar gear/electrics controls and brake levers    
    Itera plastic bike with 3-speed.    
    Photo exploded view of AW hub    
    Manipulated images for calendar    
  1986 Factory photographs    
    5-speed gear lever controls    
    Skin-packed and other aftermarket parts    
    Dealer sports calendar with exploded hub views ,on the reverse    
  1987 Type Steelite SBF 70mm steel front drum brake hub.    
    Type Steelite SBR 70mm rear drum brake hub.    
    Type Steelite SAB 70mm 3-speed drum brake hub.    
    The Sturmey-Archer Story by Tony Hadland, is published    
    5-speed Dutch language leaflet.    
    Steelite ‘will stop you in your tracks’ leaflet.    
    House magazine announces company sale.    
  1988 Type AWC 3-speed coaster brake hub with brass brake    
    Hub display type AWC    
  1989 No Inbetween Gear system - in AT3 hub    
    No Inbetween Gear system - in SAB hub    
    No Inbetween Gear system - in AB/C hub    
    New lubrication system in gear hubs - oiler removed from hubshell    
    Indicator coupling chart by hub type    
  1990 Stand at RAI exhibition Amsterdam    
    Thumbshifter/Push-button gear controls    
    UK trade advertisement.    
    Spokes and nipples    
    Factory drawings of 3 hub components    
  1991 Type 5-Star NIG 5-speed hub    
    Type 5-Star NIG 5-speed drum brake hub    
    Steel brake segments in AWC tri-coaster brake hub    
    5-star/Brooks shop display mobile. > FILM <    
    Film showing production processes in the Sturmey-Archer factory. > FILM <    
    Dutch drum brake drivetrain poster    
    Hub range leaflet    
  1992 Reynolds/Brooks/Sturmey-Archer joint trade advertisement -Dutch.    
    5-Star hub sales leaflet - Dutch    
    Cold formed components leaflet    
    Sintered components leaflet    
    Engineering Components Division brochure    
    Factory drawings    
  1993 Cantilever pinions in AT3,SAB,AB hubs    
    Sprinter S5 hub with single gear cable    
    Sprinter AT5 drum brake hub with single gear cable    
    Stanza 3-speed gear control leaflet    
    Elite AT3 hub- exploded    
  1994 Sprinter S5C 5-speed coaster brake hub with single cable.    
    Hub display type S5C    
    Factory Assembly lines    
  1995 RAI exhibition stand,Amsterdam    
    AW hub wall poster    
    Safe, controlled braking advertisement – Dutch    
    Wet weather braking advertisement – Dutch    
    Modern and Classic don’t mix advertisement – Dutch    
  1996 Hub range brochure    
    Gear controls and fittings brochure - French    
  1997 Type S7 7-speed hub    
    Type AT7 7-speed drum brake hub.    
    Type S7C 7-speed coaster brake hub    
    Type BRC 90mm drum brake hub for multiple freewheel    
    Orion push-button 3 and 5-speed gear controls.    
    Twistgrip gear controls. 3,5 and 7-speed    
  1998 Ball-lock system in 7-speed. 3D drawing    
    Type SAB-5 Steelite 5-speed drum brake hub    
    Microlite equipped with Steelite drum brake hubs.    
    Pedal car with Elite stub axle hubs.    
    Shifters overview.    
    Jim Gills papers    
  1999 Type AB5 steel 5-speed 90mm drum brake hub    
    X-FD,X-RD,X-RD3,X-RD5,X-RD7. ( New-look vt,st,at3,at5,at7)    
    RAI exhibition stand,Amsterdam    
    Summit hub advertisement for recumbent bikes.    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-FD/X-RD    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD3    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD5    
    Technical Information Leaflet X-RD7    
    Street names in the Netherlands.    
  2000 Final production in Nottingham factory september 2000.    
  2001 New factory in Taiwan    
    The factory was demolished and university lecture halls were built    
    Factory art    
  2002 The Aw hub is changed to no-inbetween-gear    
  2003 New brake and locknuts for coaster brake hub    
    3 and 5-speed hubs in alu hub shells    
  2004 8-speed hub introduced    
    2004 8-speed advertisement    
  2005 Type SX cruiser oversize bike hub    
    Type X-FDD 2.4 and 3.0w dynohubs    
    Rotary selector 3-speed hubs introduced    
  2006 The Story Continues….    
    Type FCS alloy single crankset range    
    Type TS hubs for tricycles    
    Type X-RDC drum brake for 9-speed cassette    
    FCS range of single cranksets    
    QS 3-speed trike hub with reverse gear    
    Type SD stub axle drum brake hubs    
  2007 BLS80 brake levers    
  2008 Brompton type BWR hub    
    S80 wide ratio 8-speed hub    
    S5C(w) 5-speed hub with coaster brake    
  2009 Type S3X 3-speed fixed hub with bar-end shifter    
    CTS range of chain adjusters    
    Brompton BSR hub    
    Type HBT anodised alloy hubs with sealed bearings    
    FCT 20 Polished anodised crankset with forged cranks    
    Return to the original logo    
  2010 Single speed freewheels    
    FCT60 series 42-48T cranksets in silver, black, blue, red and gold    
    SLS shifter range for 3 & 5-speed    
    CS range of 3-speed hubs compatible with 8/9-speed cassettes    
    Type XL 90mm alloy drum brake hubs    
    S2/S2C duomatic 2-speed hubs introduced    
  2020 Alan Clarke retires    

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